Yesterday I went to my fathers grave. My father was not old when he died. I miss him very much. Now I understand more and I would like to tell him that I realise what he did for us who are coming after him. What he did and does for us his children and his grandchildren. And also the healing work with the generations before us, our ancestors. I want to tell my father that I am thankful for the legacy he gave me. I will carry it on with pride.

Today my father sent me a message. I often see him and feel him in the nature. Sometimes I see him as a butterfly, sometimes as a flower and sometimes as a bird. I can feel him touch my heart. Today I saw him in this black leaf shaped as a heart. I love black and when I was a teenager my father called me ”the Black Lady”. When I look at this leaf I feel in my heart it is a hello from my father telling me he always is with me regardless dimension.